Products Installation - Procedure of Dewatering
We cover the certain site with Well points i.e. 1½" G.I. Pipe attached with 1½" PVC filter. We usually poke this well point by means of water pressure approx. 60 to 70 in number or more. Well points are approx. 1 to 1.5 mtr. distance with each other . All these wellpoints handled /connected to one pump by 8" PVC pipe by means of Swing joints and the 8" PVC pipe is connected to suction of the vacuum dewatering pump. 8"PVC Pipe discharge is provided with each pump upto the discharge area. Procedure can take minimum 24 hrs. to 72 hrs (depends on site condition) after all equipments are installed.

Please Note:- One stage of pumps can give us max. 3mtr deep dry for more depth we have to install another stage. 

Dewatering Pump (High Power Pump)
  • 8" suction 8" delivery head upto 18 mtrs. minimum power required 82 bhp if run by diesel engine.
  • 60 hp if run by electric motor. This pump is fitted with high power vacuum pump. That increases the negative head as well as no priming is needed.
Jetting Pump
  • DSM-4 High Efficiency Diesel Jet Pump
  • These are used for jetting of Well points, pilings, and sheeting as well as for irrigation and fire fighting wherever water at high pressure is required
Well Point
  • Well point is made up of 1½" G.I Pipe as inner tube protected by PVC Pipe screen approx.1 mtr. Length that contains 1 jet head fitted with plastic ball valve with saw toothed tip.
  • Well Point can be attach to 2 mtr. To 6 mtr. Riser pipe as per site requirement.
Well Top
  • One end of riser pipe is fitted to well point on another and there is one well top attached.
  • Well top is to attach Swing Joint Elbow.
Swing Joint
  • Swing joint is specially made flexible joint to attach Well top with 8 Header Pipe saddle.
Header Pipe
  • Header Pipe is made up of 8 PVC Pipe of 6 mtr. Length. Mostly 7 saddles are attached to it & Header pipe is directly attached to the pump suction site.
Rubber Sleeve
  • Leak proof header connections are assured with the rubber slip fit sleeve coupling. Connections are then secured in one stroke with the lever actuated STC.
One Bolt Coupling & Five Bolt Coupling
  • The One bolt and five bolt coupling for discharge pipe provide a secure connection which will not blow apart under normal pump pressure and is leak free and simple to connect.
Elbow 45° and Elbow 90°
  • 45° and 90° Elbows are used for easy installation and any requirement of rectangular or circular parts.
End Cap
  • End cap is used at the end of Header Pipe.
Hat Plug
  • Hat Plug is used to plug unused header pipe openings, the hat plug just pushes into the opening for a quick, leak proof fit.
Header Support
  • It supports the Header Pipe.